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DJ Lights


On Track DJ offers additional services and equipment for a more personalized experience and a seamless event, allowing you and your loved ones to make unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Cake Spotlighting

Your cake is a work of art and a pivotal piece of the wedding. Using a specially designed lighting fixture, a soft light is placed on the cake in order to illuminate the detail so that it may be better enjoyed and admired.

Monogram Projector

Immediately wow your guests as they enter and see your custom monogram displayed in light on the dance floor or wall. We’ll personalize the design of the monogram for any event with a name, date, message, or even a company logo.

Wall Texture Lighting

A texture light projects a pattern on a wall, ceiling, floor, dance floor, or stage to create stunning depth, contrast, and interest. Patterns can be matched to your events design choices to provide a fully immersive look and feel to the room tying in all the design elements together.

LED Up Lighting

The most popular lighting option due to their versatility, up lighting can enhance everything from your venue’s walls, columns or arches, to behind the head table or DJ setup. These fixtures project washes of light (in your choosing of color or colors), adding warmth, depth, and color to perfectly compliment your other décor and add an extra touch of class. There is also the option to “sync” these lights and rotate colors throughout the night for a dramatic effect. By creating the perfect ambiance, your guests will be in awe of the breathtakingly gorgeous scenery.

Ceremony Service

A majority of our wedding clientele require ceremony services of some sort. We are able to accommodate everything from small, intimate indoor ceremonies to open, large outdoor ceremonies. We can provide beautiful, traditional or non-traditional music of your choice, typically starting with prelude music approx. 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time as your guests are arriving and being seated for the service. If you have "live music" arranged, we can provide a PA system with microphones for the musicians/singers and/or the officiant and any scripture readers.

Bubble Machines

Create a festive atmosphere with hundreds of bubbles floating around. Perfect for a ceremony recessional, grand entrance, or first dance.


Includes a display monitor, 2 microphones, and a vast array of karaoke songs for you and your guests to choose from. Sure to be a big hit for any event!

Light Pillars

Add 3' or 6' vertical light-up pillars to your DJ setup, around your dance floor, head table, or near your entrance door to impress guests as they enter. These pillars are illuminated with LED lighting and can be beautifully displayed with or without white a slipcovering. 

Projector + Screen

Perfect for ANY event to showcase slideshows, presentations, or videos. Photo montages at receptions have been a timeless tradition. It can loop throughout dinner or play once with accompanied music. This can also be played during the first dance or parent dances. Our HUGE screen is visible to anyone throughout the room.

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